• Scott Goldsmith resides in Gilbert, AZ, born in Salt Lake City, UT, he moved back to AZ at age 3 and has lived in AZ since. He has been bowling since age 8 and only in the fall of 2007 started to take the game seriously after a 6 year break to pursue his dream of becoming a top PBA Tour Pro. Scott has many hobbies outside of bowling; family, cars, boats, home theaters & golf to name a few. Scott is married and has 2 children, both boys who are in love with the sport of bowling. When Scott isn't bowling he is creating websites for clients.

  • Stats

  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 240lbs
  • Age: 30
  • Occupation: Bowler & Website Design
  • Bowling Style: Right Handed
  • Ball Weight: 16lbs
  • Ball Revs: 400-450rpm
  • Ball Companies Used: Ebonite, Lane #1 , AMF & Hammer

  • Acheivements

  • High Game: 300 x 10
  • High Series: 835
  • 7-10 Split Conversions: 2

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